Sunday, October 18, 2009


I went to Kamouraska, Quebec for the first time yesterday. It was a one day trip with John, Shawn, and Liam. I can't believe that I had not been to this place before. It's got fantastic climbing, enough to keep you busy for a few weeks, and it's close to home.

We drove down Friday night, and stayed in a motel for the night. In the morning, the general consensus was that it was cold. However, since we love suffering, it was perfect. The first few climbs of the day were brutally cold, with insanely numb fingers. Luckily, things started to warm up later in the day and everything became progressively better. There were certainly highlights for everybody. Shawn redpointed a 5.11d in good style, in only a few tries. Liam gave everything he had on every route he got on, refusing to give up. I managed to onsight a 12a and experience a place I had never been to before.

The trip was well worth it, and the company was fantastic. I'm looking forward to many more.


  1. It was a blast!
    Seeing you onsight that 12a with everyone watching was really impressive.
    Not to mention how completely smashed you got the night before (on 1 beer!) hahaha, it was a big beer...


  2. a motel! John is getting soft in his old the old days we would not even pay for a campsite

  3. I wasn't TOTALLY smashed...:P