Monday, September 28, 2009


Haven't had much time to update the blog recently. My life is consumed by school, homework, and climbing (mostly climbing). I haven't accomplished a lot over the past few weeks, but there have been some memorable moments.

just yesterday, i got on Solstice (5.13a) and got hardcore shut down near the crux. However, it's a fantastic route, and I will send it in the spring.

Cory and I also put up a new variation to catholic girls yesterday. I am tentatively giving it the name protestant gentleman. It goes at 5.11d (unconfirmed, im the only one to climb it yet). It will need 1 bolt to make it safe, which we will install next weekend. It's a fantastic variation, and with some scrubbing it will probably be the more popular way of doing catholic girls.

On that same note, I led Catholic girls for the first time yesterday. A little bit spicy, but not too bad.

To finish off the day, I led up waterwalk, cory continued up Astroboy, and then I leapfrogged on to DDT (5.9) . DDT is as new route put up by Fred a few weeks ago. It's a little contrived, but on the whole its quite fun, and gets you to a spectacular spot in welsford.

On the rap down, our ropes got stuck, so Aimen and I tried to walk around a free them. We were unable to make it to the rap station, so we had to go back down. Cory jugged up the ropes and used a different rap station, and the ropes were free.

A few weeks ago I got on Serenity (5.13a) for the first time. This route is HARD. Harder than 5.13a for sure. This one doesn't inspire me like Solstice, but regardless I will send it by the spring.

That's all I can think of for now, just letting you know I'm still alive, just nothing major to report.

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