Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend June 6th - 7th

This weekend was my first step into the real world. Saturday morning I went up to UNBF to register for my courses for next year. They took us on a tour of Head Hall (Engineering building) and grouped us up for a series of engineering challenges. Our group managed to complete 4 out of the 5 tasks assigned to us.
After registering and completing the activities, we headed back up to the SUB. I had my photo taken for m
y student ID, then headed to Mconnell Hall for lunch.
After lunch I took a stroll around the campus, getting a sense of the layout of things, and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. A big part of me wanted to be out hiking and climbing, but at least I still had the chance to enjoy the day.

Sunday it was time for some real fun. My fat
her, brother and I went out to Bald Hill to do some climbing and bolting. We warmed up on Neopolitan (5.10c), a great 5 bolt line through a series of edges. I then onsighted Rocky Road (5.11c), which ascends through a series of overhanging bulges and sloping horizontals.
After that, it was off to put up a new line. Naturally, this involved some trundling and cleaning. Unfortunately, we stirred the ground up, which in turn brought the black flies out.
We put in an anchor and 3 bolts on Deception Dike (5.11 to the anchors, 5.13 top out). It still needs another 3 bolts, since our drill died halfway.

To finish off the day we climbed Face the pockets (5.10), a tricky little climb that goes up an easy slab, to a tricky step left, which puts you underneath an overhang. You are then forced to blindly pull the overhang, and haul yourself up over a bulge, with bad feet by your chest. Easier climbing then takes you to the top.
We had a nice sunset hike back out to end the day. We'll do it all over again next weekend.
Taking a pause before the crux on face the pockets
Climber:Peter Adamson
Photographer:Steve Adamson

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